Monday, October 6, 2014

10 things i'd tell myself when i started blogging

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When I started blogging for the first time in 2007, I had no idea what I was doing. I honestly can't even remember how I learned what a blog was {for the record, my memory is crap}. My first blog {which no longer exists} started as a place to do some creative writing...and venting. The first blogs I remember following were the NieNie Dialogues, Cupcakes and Cashmere and Dooce. From them, I learned so much more about blogging and what it means to be a blogger. It would be a couple years before I actually called myself a blogger. Eventually, I scraped my first blog and started fresh on this one, which has gone through three name changes. It's grown, seen its fair share of ruts and turned into something much more than I could have imagined. 
 Here are 10 things I would tell myself when I first started blogging:

1. It's OK if no one reads your blog in the beginning. You need time to find your voice and writing style. 
2. You don't have to post every day. Quality over quantity is always better.
3. Be you. Every niche is saturated with bloggers, but what makes you different is you

4. Be genuine. It's easy to be someone else online, don't. Readers want to know you. People know that life isn't always sunshine and rainbows, so share the good AND the bad.

5. Advertise. People can't read your blog if they don't know it exists. Advertise on your favorite blogs and on blogs in your niche.

6. Comment on other blogs. It's the best way to form relationships with other bloggers. And make sure your comments are thoughtful and genuine.

7. Respond to your readers. Make a point to try to respond to every comment. If people take the time to read your blog and comment, you should take the time to respond to them.

8. Don't say yes to every sponsor opportunity. If/when companies contact you to promote their business or product, you are not obligated to say yes. Only choose those opportunities that relate to your blog or readers. If you wouldn't buy something in real life, a sponsored post about that product probably wouldn't come off as genuine.

9. Participate in link ups/giveaways. These are great ways to get your name out there.

10. Find inspiration from your favorite bloggers. What are these bloggers doing that keeps you coming back? Take note. It will help you grow, continue to improve your writing and generate new ideas. But always remember to give credit where credit is due.

What would you tell yourself when you first started blogging?


Anonymous said...

These are great tips! Since starting our blog almost a year ago, I've discovered a lot about blogging, and unexpectedly, a lot about myself! ~Ree

Diana @ wonderfully made. said...

Yes! Love this list. I used to worry about posting every day but now I focus on quality over quantity!

Happy Monday! :)

Luchessa Grossmann said...

I think commenting on other blogs & responding to the ones on your blog is the key in the beginning, that way you can get a readership & learn a thing or two... great list.
Luchessa @

Brianne Bracco said...

Great list! I tend to repeat these to myself from time to time :)

Madeline Mihaly said...

I tell myself a few of these from time to time. The big thing I struggle with is not getting discouraged when blogs that are newer than mine grow faster! I wish I was better about that.

xo, Maddy

Erin LFF said...

Your list is definitely PERFECT!! I'm honestly really glad no one read my blog for awhile... those early posts are embarrassing! ;)

Emelia at Dream Big & Buy the Shoes said...

Great tips. I am new to blogging...about 4 months in. I feel like the unpopular girl at school sometimes haha...but as long as I'm having fun and tyring to make my dreams come true that's all I can ask for. I am workng on connecting with other bloggers more. Thank you for the tips!

XO Kerry said...

Love the kimono you are wearing in this picture!

Great list too. I think I'm at the point where I need to start advertising. Seems scary! But I know I need to do it.

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