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how to decorate a fireplace mantel

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Fireplace mantels dramatically affect the overall mood of living rooms. Mantels frame fireplaces as the centerpiece of rooms, breaking monotonous lines of symmetry and catching residents’ eyes.

Typically, mantel design depicts an architectural era and its decor details an interior style for the home. Mantel decoration often highlights the interests and experiences of the homeowner, engaging guests and setting ambiance for a room. Mantels’ shelf-like designs make seasonal transformations simple, giving an already well-designed room a fresh look.

The versatility of the fireplace mantel sometimes makes decorating difficult, with simply too many options. Review these three mantel types before decorating to achieve the desired living-room style.

Floating Mantel Design

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A floating mantel, sometimes referred to as a shelf mantel, consists of a single beam placed across the top of the fireplace. Often made out of wood, the floating mantel best serves homeowners with limited space and low budgets. Whether painted, stained or distressed, the floating mantel draws eyes up from the fireplace to heighten the appearance of the room.

Keep decorations on floating mantels simple. Hang artwork and family portraits to avoid over-cluttering the shelf and distracting guests.

Create an eclectic design by displaying keepsakes and trinkets in odd numbers and at varied heights. Another fashionable style is to install symmetrical wall sconces or matching table lamps on either end for a contemporary floating mantel design. Visit Zillow Digs for more eclectic style or contemporary design inspiration.

Traditional Mantel Design 

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Traditional mantels surround fireplaces on all three sides, bringing a more dramatic look to rooms. These mantels often emphasize luxury or comfort in a room, complementing interiors of living rooms, bedrooms and dens. Styles are often made of wood, brick, granite, marble or stone. Larger-sized mantels require grander decoration to balance overall design.

Traditional mantels are handcrafted artwork, like expensive furniture pieces. Many mantels can stand alone without exaggerated decor.

These mantels pair well with symmetrical arrangements that maintain the classic order of the era. Showcase family heirlooms to add a historical effect or use a round mirror to accompany beveled or modeled mantel edges. Achieve a cottage ambiance with one bold, centered bouquet or a couple vibrant, potted plants.

Faux Fireplace Mantel Design

 photo FauxFireplace_zps1c7af3fd.jpg
Source: Zillow Digs

Not all properties include the homey cornerstone of a fireplace and mantel. However, homeowners and apartment renters can creatively add faux fireplaces and mantels to fill the void.

Homeowners can paint a black square or place a mirror low on any wall to create the illusion of a fireplace. Reusing an outdated fireplace or installing an electric fireplace achieves the look as well.

Keep the fireplace simple by adding candles, rocks or stacked wood. When wrapped by a floating or traditional mantel, a faux fireplace adds elegance to a room. Use wood, old ornate door frames, headboards, stones or vintage mantels to construct the mantel.

The goal is to draw the viewers’ eyes up and away from faux fireplace. Decorate the mantel with dramatic art with complex and colorful designs.

Faux fireplace mantels are ideal for modern-designed interiors because bold elements are hallmarks of the style. Use striking materials such as glass, metal, reflective chrome or vibrant pieces of art for an updated, eye-catching look.

Modern mantels require few design elements, so opt for one feature accent. Alternatively, apply country design with natural elements on or above the faux fireplace mantel, such as carved statues, taxidermy, antlers or clocks. The layered look of country style distracts from the makeshift hearth.

Whether living under remodel constrictions of apartment management or adding charm to a new home in Columbus, a completed mantel design enhances a room’s warmth and comfort.


crazyperfectlife said...

I love this! I am a designer for kitchen and baths & people never realize how important it is to have a focal point!

Erin LFF said...

I won't lie- decorating our fireplace/mantle is something I always struggle with! It's huuuuge- very long and I never can tell if it looks too empty or too cluttered!

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