Thursday, October 9, 2014

one thing i love wearing for halloween

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One of my {unrealistic} goals in life is to wear a pair of Victoria's Secret Fashion Show wings. So when I'm not attending a theme party on Halloween, my first instinct is to wear an outfit that involves wings. The ladybug might be one of my favorites {I'm so sad that I have no idea whatever happened to this costume after this year}, and I will most likely wear the dark angel wings again - maybe even this year if we decide to do anything for Halloween.

Shawn, however, is not a fan of themes or dress-up parties, but he plays along begrudgingly and usually tries to wear the most obnoxious costume possible. Check out this post of 10 Halloween costumes I've worn to see his ridiculousness. One of my most memorable Halloween parties was the first time he worn the cow costume, which he would then wear for the next four years...

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Until the year I wore the cow costume ;) And now I'm taking a poll - who wore it best?

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When I was little, my grandma used to make me and my sister matching costumes almost each year. My favorites were the leopard {me} and snow leopard {her}, which my mom perfected with black eyeliner noses and whiskers on our faces; and the genie costumes. Mine was plum purple and my sister's was navy blue. We always had to wear white turtlenecks under the top because it was too cold during Trick-or-Treat night. One of these days I'll go through the boxes of old photos at my parents' house and share them with you all. #adorable

What was your favorite Halloween costume that you wore?

Helene in Between Blogtober


Health, Love & Fire said...

I love to add a tutu to any costume! My favorite was either my batman and robin costume from last year with my husband or my sofia grace and rosie costume with a friend a couple years ago.

Because of Jackie said...

You and my daughter would get along JUST FINE, her dream is to wear fairy wings every single day of her life;)

Erin LFF said...

My mom made a LOT of our costumes growing up too- and I totally remember having to throw on a turtleneck w/ them all because Ohio got too cold- lol! Love it-- and btw, you totally wore the cow costume best!

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