Wednesday, November 5, 2014

30 facts about me

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{saw this post on Meagan's blog and now linking up with Kristen - a few days late for this topic, but I love facts posts!}

1// I don't eat or drink blue stuff. Gross. No blue Gatorade or vodka. No blue icing. Blue M&M's are OK because they taste like chocolate.

2// I would love to own my own clothing shop - stocked with only t-shirts, sweatshirts and sweatpants! Or be a house flipper. Or both.

3// I overthink everything.

4// You couldn't pay me enough to go back to middle or high school. College, however, is a different story. Might be why I have three degrees.

5// In the last couple of months, I started using conditioner before shampoo when I washed my hair. It feels softer and thicker. Try it.

6// My dad's side of the family is Italian and Irish. My mom's side of the family is German and hillbilly {I'm serious, that's what my mom told me once - haha!}.

7// I'm not a baby person, but I love the toddler stage.

8// I have a thing for even numbers, especially the numbers 18 and 8 {I was born on March 18 and Shawn and my anniversary is August 8}.

9// I have three tattoos - one of which you will never see unless we're really good friends.

10// I'm an oversharer.

11// I coach high school cheerleading and have a tendency to do cheers - only the stomping and clapping, no words - around the house, especially when I'm looking for food in the pantry. Weird.

12// I like things to be in their place, but my husband does most of the house chores, including laundry!

13// I'm an extrovert, but I love spending time alone at home - usually reading or watching crime shows.

14// I don't wear lipstick.

15// I only decorate for fall and Christmas. It's not that I have a problem with other holidays or seasons, I just don't feel like the decor stays up long enough to go through the trouble.

16// I used to drink only sweet white wines, but now I'm a red girl. Malbec is my favorite, but I never shy away from a good Cab. Or really any wine for that matter, if I'm being honest.

17// MEXICAN FOOOOOOOD!! I include Chipotle in that category, just so we're clear.

18// I've worn Victoria's Secret Heavenly perfume since high school.

19// My brain is 75% song lyrics. Any genre. If I've heard it once, it's locked in. Much to Shawn's dismay because I only hear and/or remember about 50% of what he says to me.

20// I'm 30. I was born three weeks late {my mom was actually due on Leap Day} and with two teeth.

21// Shawn and I went to rival high schools, but we didn't meet until college.

22// Shawn and I don't really have "a song," but my mom, sisters and my song is Paradise By The Dashboard Light by Meatloaf.

23// My favorite home decor items to shop for are throw pillows and bedding. I'm always changing these things in our house.

24// I don't like wearing pink. I own only a handful of things {literally five things} that are pink. My favorite color is green and various shades of green, including teal.

25// I found out I had ulcers this time last year. I haven't drank pop {or soda, depending on where you're from} since then. It didn't cause my ulcers, but it certainly didn't make them feel good.

26// I have to pee twice before bed. Once prior to getting in bed, and once before actually falling asleep. Shawn thinks he's funny and calls me Tinkles every night.

27// Shawn's favorite number is 27, but he was born on July 26. I always get the date of his birthday confused.

28// One thing I wish I was better at is sending cards - birthday, anniversary and holiday.

29// I've always been a brunette, and always will be {despite what the gray hairs currently invading my scalp think}. Although, I did use Sun-In once while visiting my aunt and uncle in Phoenix when I was in middle school. No bueno.

30// I don't know if I should be ashamed to admit this or not, but I bought Taylor Swift's new album, and I love it! It's currently on replay in my car.


Anonymous said...

I love these posts. Maybe because I'm a nosey-Nelly, but you're answers were great! ~Ree

Shybiker said...

What a fun post! We learn so many new things about you. I also bought Taylor's new CD and am listening to it non-stop.

Let me see... you don't like pink, you don't wear lipstick and you married someone who does the laundry. Are you sure you're a girl?! Just teasing, Tinkles... :-)

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

I've never heard of using conditioner first..definitely trying that!

Helene in Between said...

this was really interesting! i always love a good get to know you post. i never really thought about blue stuff. and I am with you on throw pillows!

Elizabeth Dietz said...

These posts are my favorites!! It is funny because I don't do blue things either... well mostly blue drinks and that is because of a horrible experience in college with blue drinks... or at least blue drinks were the last thing I remember drinking. AND I was born 3 weeks late as well... not with 2 teeth, but I did have a dent in my head....Regardless, great getting to know you better!

Krista said...

Loved reading these. I have worn Victoria's Secret Very Sexy since high school. I buy in two's just in case they stop making it. Irrational fear.

Because of Jackie said...

Well, my birthday is 8/18…so we can obviously be best friends forever now;) I also used to wear VS Heavenly perfume before I switched to Philosophy, but I still love the smell!

Jess said...

I'm the same way with more than half of these! I need to be better at sending cards, I think it is such an overlooked statement sometimes.

Kay R. said...

I suck at sending cards :( Great list ... love learning about people!

Rachel Emily said...

There is a 80% chance I am mumbling song lyrics at any point during the day. The other 25% of my mumbles of the cheers that are stuck in my head! Mexican is basically a food group in this household...and now I'm planning to eat Chipotle ASAP. I need that guac!!

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Karrine Beasley said...

Ok, based on these facts we could totally be friends. LOVE mexican, loved college (and not high school so much), I used to be a cheerleader and I remember song lyrics instantly too (if only I could use that skill to remember important information!).
Let's hang out and listen to the Taylor album ;)

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