Tuesday, November 25, 2014

gift guide: traveler

2014 Gift Guide: Traveler

{All gifts under $50 - noted if $20 & under}

// Buffalo check suitcase tag and passport holder

// Neighborhood map coasters

// Portable charger

// Fresh water filter {$6}

// Messenger bag

// Sleep headphones

// Packing list pad {$6.89}

// Travel luggage scale {$12}

// Pocket translator

// Scratch-off map {$20}

// Foreign plug converter kit {$16.95}

// Travel journal {$12.78}

// Toothbrush sanitizer

// Contact lens travel kit {$14}

// The Home T

// Aqua pouch speaker {$20}


Because of Jackie said...

Portable chargers are so key, especially with delays and missing planes and such (which happened to me last month!) Also, I love that Home tee, I drool over it every time I see it.

lil desiqua said...

The converter is such a great idea! I love the shirt and the scratch off map- I would definitely get that and frame it!

Sarah said...

We have the scratch off map, it is so fun!

Kay R. said...

Pretty perfect list! I'd add in one of those neck pillows! Absolute life saver for long flights :)

Erin LFF said...

SO many good ideas! I really love that scratch off map, makes me want to get one! Our guest room is travel themed and it would look so cute in there!!

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