Friday, November 14, 2014

things i've messed up on lately

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Despite the pictures I post to Instagram, my life is not perfect. Neither am I. Don't get me wrong, life is pretty good most of the time. But I have my moments, days, weeks. Just like you. And that's OK. I read this post over on my friend Meagan's blog, and I admire when people can admit failure, confront it and move forward with their lives. It takes guts. Meagan has guts and inspired me to write this post.

I've just been feeling "off" lately, and thought now was the perfect time to confront my own recent failures. They may seem insignificant, but they've taken over my brain so much that I've had trouble sleeping. I can't stop mulling them over and over and over. Did I mention I'm an over thinker {hint: I did in this post}?

Anyway, here are five things I've messed up on lately:

// I've been eating like garbage. Contrary to the picture above, I am a horrible eater. I've been doing well with workouts lately, but I know I would see even better results if I could just stop eating like garbage. I admire and envy those of you who can stick to a healthy-eating lifestyle. TEACH ME YOUR WAYS! Seriously - how do you do it? What motivates you? How do you keep from getting in a food rut {eating the same things over and over}? Moderation is key, and I try really hard to practice this, because I know I won't give up the more unhealthy food options. I'm starting to wonder if the reason I've been feeling "off" is being my body isn't being fueled by good nutrition. Suggestions on ways to get my eating in check are more than welcome!

// I've skipped two workouts in PiYo. And I feel bad about it. Only because skipping workouts seems to feed my lack-of-motivation monster and leads to skipping more workouts and putting off items on my to-do list. It may seem like just skipping a couple workouts, but it snowballs and then I lose all motivation to do just about anything. These are gray times for me. Not gray like I'm depressed, but just gray in that I'm just not as happy about myself.

// I've taken my husband for granted. Shawn is usually always home when I get home. He does the laundry 99% of the time. He cleans the house before I get home from work or practice. He runs errands. He decides what we're going to eat for dinner {after much back and forth, which is a nightly occurrence}. I've come to expect that he will take care of these things. I don't tell him thank you enough. I don't pitch in enough. I don't do the little things that matter enough. It's not fair to Shawn. I want to be better at these things. And it's up to me to make those changes.

// I've found myself getting irritated more easily. When people interrupt me at work. When my cheerleader just won't listen at practice. I've been short with people. I've said things I shouldn't have out of frustration. I've jumped to conclusions. I hate that I've been feeling like this, and I'm ready to get out of this funk. Again, that's on me to change. Seriously, I think this might stem from my less-than-stellar eating habits. Either that or because I've been flushing white mice this week. Did I mention I'm a bit of an over sharer?

// I've not done things I've said I would on the weekends. Each Friday I mentally make a list of all the things I want to accomplish over the weekend - even if it's just making time to read or blog. But instead of doing nearly all of the things on my mental note, I've just sat around staring stoically at the TV. You know it's bad when I don't even have the motivation to go shopping...with a gift Yeah, I told you it was bad. But it's a new weekend, boys and girls.

Make it a productive one!


Krista said...

Is it crazy my list would look the same? I keep telling myself I will eat better, workout more but it never happens. And my husband helps out so much but I tend to focus on the one thing he doesn't do. At least acknowledging these is our first step :) Have a good weekend!

Cece said...

Ugg! I could definitely write a post about this because I feel the same. My diet is good but my exercising has gone down the toilet! I'm just not motivated. Well, here is to turning things around. Every day is a chance for a fresh start right?

Rachel Emily said...

I've been so so so so so lazy since the wedding. Choosing eating out (and thus, over-eating) over making the healthy food I have at home. Never working out beyond my boot camp class twice a week. Having a whole house and a ton of Pinterest projects to do but choosing the stare at the TV all night/weekend. We all get in funks, and you are right, it's up to us to get out of them!! You can do it!

Ericka said...

My husband and I decided to start eating healthier about 4-5 weeks ago. Our biggest "problem" was carbs. I bet 90% of our meals revolved around carbs. I felt bloated and tired all the time. We have been doing so good since we started and are both noticing big differences. We've both lost weight, but more importantly, we both feel better. We sleep better, have more energy, and our clothes fit better. It has been HARD. And we haven't been perfect. We have cheat meals or days, but only when we go out. When we are home, we try to eat healthy all the time, so that if we go out, it's not going to kill our eating habits. I need to be better about working out more, and I know I'd feel even better. I guess what I'm trying to say with this long comment is, eating healthier is hard, but totally worth it. And now that we've been doing it for so long, it's easier than in the beginning.

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