Tuesday, December 9, 2014

3 yeses that changed my life

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I've talked about this a little bit before, but there are a lot of choices that I have made in my life that have gotten me to where I am today. When I boil it down, I can distinctly identify three significant moments - three times that I said "yes" - that changed my life up to this point.

// Going to college. It was certainly expected that I would do so, but where I would go was entirely my choice. My parents didn't pressure me to choose the major that they thought was best for me or the college they wanted me to attend. They supported my college decisions every step of the way and for that I am grateful. I chose to go to college away from the rest of my high school friends. I wanted a fresh start. I wanted to find myself. And I thought the best way to do that was to go my own way. So I did. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I think about all the people I met, all the experiences I had, all the insights about myself and life I gained, the opportunities I was afforded because of my fine education - it wouldn't have happened if I hadn't said "yes" to going to college where I did.

// Marrying Shawn. Awwww, how cliche, right?! But it's true. Think about it - I said "yes" to spending the rest of my life with ONE person. Every.single.day. For the rest of my life. It's changed many of the decisions I've made since August 8, 2009. It's changed the course of my life. It's changed me. It's changed Shawn. There's good, there's bad, there's silliness, there's frustration, there's chores we each hate doing - and there's us. Ultimately, saying "yes" to Shawn set us each down a new path. For better or for worse, we're on this ride together.

// Going to grad school. When I graduated college, I had never even thought about attending graduate school. As a journalism and broadcasting major, I wanted to be a reporter. Then I was a reporter. Now, I'm not. Then I got the idea that I wanted to turn my passion for helping others into a career, so I started researching graduate school programs for mental health counseling. I even got a second bachelor's degree just to make sure this was a path I wanted to pursue. It was. My grad program changed my perspective of myself, of people, of the world. It made me question, wonder, discover, grow. I believe it made me a better person - more sympathetic, empathetic, patient, understanding. And though I hate paying that student loan every month, I wouldn't trade it for what I learned and experienced in grad school.

Are there times when you said "yes" that changed your life?

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Ashley @ A Cute Angle said...

I really enjoyed what you wrote about the "yes" you said to your husband. I love the way that you are committed to your marriage!

~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

Mary said...

Great idea for a post! Saying yes to a few things definitely impacted what I do and where I am...and who I'm with :)

Because of Jackie said...

Ooh, what a good blog post idea (may be stealing it….!) I agree with college, because it led me to my best friends, and my husband, getting married, and saying yes to this crazy military life, because it fits me so well;)

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

Such a creative post idea!

Christy said...

I absolutely love your approach to this topic! These are some big decisions that really seem to have paid off. Your section about grad school especially got me a thinking. I've been wanting to pursue my masters, and it was just so encouraging to read about how doing so has changed your worldview.

And by the way, I added your post to the linkup!

Erin LFF said...

Love this post!! Saying yes to going away to college, when MOST of my friends/graduating class stayed local was an awesome decision. I met Jared there (AWW!) and got to experience life on my own, in a new little town. I grew up a lot at college- I messed up, I worked hard, I learned, I lost.... Can't imagine my life without that yes.

Kay R. said...

Grad school is so much different than undergrad! I wouldnt trade it either!

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