Friday, December 5, 2014

8 things to do indoors this winter

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I've lived in Ohio my whole life and for 30 years, I've mostly disliked winter. I say mostly disliked because it really is beautiful to watch big, fluffy flakes fall from the sky like you're in a snow globe. And there is something magical about the way the snow covers the tree branches. That picture above was taken of my backyard! Gorgeous, huh?! And I will admit that I would rather it snow than rain, especially if I'm walking outside. But I hate being cold. Although, if I'm being honest, I'd choose being cold over being hot simply because you can always add more layers and blankets to warm up. You can only take off so many layers in public...

I realize how contradictory that whole paragraph seems...maybe I don't hate winter? Nah. Trust me, I am still harboring a fair amount of animosity toward it.

During the winter, I don't usually venture out if I don't have to. And I'm not really into winter sports. Meaning I've only been skiing two or three times in my life, and I grew up a half hour from a ski resort. So because I don't like being cold, here are eight things you can - and I plan to do - this winter that don't require being outside:

// DIY projects. The top three projects on my list are making my own jewelry organizerpet pop art and old t-shirts on canvas. {check out more of my favorite DIY projects on my DIY Pinterest board.}

// Organize a closet {or two}. Why wait until Spring when you're cooped up now? First up: our linen closet.

// Plan a vacation. It's so easy to dream of being in a warmer, sunnier place when it's freezing and snowing outside.

// Have a movie night. Catch up on the latest releases with your main squeeze. Or get together with friends and have each of you pick out your favorite movie. Audra and I are hoping to schedule a chick-flick movie marathon this winter.

//Re-decorate a room in your house. Since you're spending a lot of time indoors and staring at your home decor, re-decorate! DO NOT tell Shawn I said this! He thinks I change things up way too much in our house. It's not that I change them up per say, it's that I haven't gotten them just right yet ;)

// Try a new recipe. I will be the first to admit that I do not like cooking. But Shawn and I have decided to try this whole meal planning thing in our attempt to eat better. It probably won't last long so I need to check this one off quick.

// Read. I love to read. My girlfriends and I have a book club, which doubles as wine club which makes it less nerdy, and this winter, we're reading Martin Short's I Must Say: My Life as a Humble Comedy Legend; Defending Jacob by William Landay; and Betty Smith's classic, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. My goal is to read all three of these books and FINALLY finish Gone Girl! If you need me, I'll be on the couch in my sweatpants, with wine, surrounded by a library. Nerd alert.

// Clear off your DVR. I don't know about you, but I have several shows on my DVR begging to be watched, including Gotham, Criminal Minds and How to Get Away with Murder. And maybe I'll rewatch this fall's episodes of Scandal because it's going to feel like eternity waiting for it to come back on at the end of January. I need my Olivia Pope - aka Jake Ballard - fix! Who's with me?

What's on your winter bucket list?

Also, here is how my fall bucket list turned out:

// Try a pumpkin spice latte. I hated it.

// Go apple picking and make {spiked} apple cider. 

// Try a new restaurant. Shawn and I went to Tom+Chee.

// Blog every day in October. FAIL. I didn't pretty well during Blogtober14 {hosted by Helene and Taylor} but didn't make it the whole month.

// Go to a pumpkin patch.

// Make a burlap wreath or some other fall-inspired DIY project. FAIL.

// Go to Columbus Oktoberfest or drink my fair share of Oktoberfest beer. We missed this event, but we drank enough Oktoberfest beer that I consider this a win.

// Recreate at least five outfits from my Fall Fashion pin board. I got dressed every day, so I'm also going to consider this a win.

// Have a bonfire and make s'mores. I went to a bonfire and make a s'more.

// Tailgate on campus for an Ohio State game. FAIL. We didn't tailgate, but we never missed a game. Hard to leave the house to stand in the cold when you have a projector screen in your basement on which to watch every game.

// Finish Gone Girl and see the movie. FAIL.

// See Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 and This is Where I Leave You.

// Decorate our mantel.

// Clean out my closet. Here are my three tips for cleaning out your closet.

// Go hiking in Hocking Hills. FAIL.


Audra said...

1) Hell yes to the movie night! Can't wait :)

2) How was Tom + Chee? Going there next week. Looks like a slice of heaven (and cheese)

3) I got a really cute burlap wreath from Target for $16 - no DIY required (because let's face it, you've seen my DIY skills - ahem, glitter)

4) I miss Jake Ballard too - maybe rewatching Scandal can be part of our movie night? Red wine will also be involved.

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

Winter always puts me in the mood to organize!

Kayla MKOY said...

Hey, I'd say you did pretty well on your Fall list ;) me? Not so much. LOL! But it is what it is. I love these goals for winter that don't involve being outside. But I do plan on doing a FEW outdoor things like the zoo, making a snowman and a winter wedding! ;)

Ashley @ A Cute Angle said...

Great list! I want to make some of that pet pop art! So cute! I'm all about reading? What do you have on your list?

~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

Kasey At The Bat said...

ahhh, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is one of my all time favorites!

Anonymous said...

I would much rather get my inside decorating and organization done while I am inside during the winter as well. That way we can fully enjoy the sun once it is back!

Brianne Bracco said...

Great list! I have two weeks off towards Christmas and organizing is numero uno on my do things pile up so quickly?? I also have the finaly installment of the Mortal Instrument book series to finish reading and I cannot wait!

stephanie a. orefice said...

PSLs are not even hype-worthy.

Brita Long said...

I am originally from SC, so these Ohio winters kill me. Since I work from home, I occasionally manage to go a whole four or five days without ever leaving the house!

Erin LFF said...

I don't like being cold either- so your list is right up my alley! I have tones of decorating/diy-ing ideas for January since I want to stay inside ;)

Kay R. said...

I have total snow envy! :)

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