Tuesday, February 17, 2015

what are your anchor habits?

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"Have an anchor so that life doesn't toss you around." ~Debby Ryan

Yesterday, while I was in a day-long orientation session for my new job, the presenter talked briefly about anchor habits. I immediately wrote the term down and Googled it when I got home, because obviously it was going to make for a stellar blog post topic.

Just like a ship's anchor, anchor habits help keep us steady. And not just in the face of a storm or adversity. Certainly, we've all developed habits over our lifetime-some good, some bad. We've abandoned some habits along the way, replaced others and taken up new ones.

Think about a time in your life when you have drifted off course, or been uncertain of your path or passion or calling, or lay awake unable to hush the voice in your head-the one with all the tough life questions. I can think of several of those times in my life-one I refer to as my quarter-life crisis, even if I was the only one who knew that I was going through it. There are many times when I've faltered or gone off course in my life-or at least felt that way even it was just inside my own head. But I came back to the things in my life that grounded me-my anchor habits.

After the presenter mentioned anchors habits, I began mentally jotting down a list of my anchor habits-at work, at home, in my relationships. Here is what I came up with:

// A cup of coffee {almost} every day at 10 a.m. And, at my old job, I drank it out of the same mug every day. Luckily, they allowed me to take this mug with me as a parting gift, which I will cherish forever-they have no idea. I have already packed said mug to take to my new gig. At home, I do have favorite mugs as well.

// #TGIT. Every Thursday, I settle in, with a glass of red wine, to watch Grey's Anatomy and Scandal {I currently am DVRing How to Get Away with Murder}. With the schedule that I have been keeping the last few years, I always look forward to Thursdays, because it is typically the only day during the week I don't have any evening obligations and come home right after work.

// Workouts. Unfortunately, I can easily talk myself out of a daily sweat sesh, but I know when I NEED one. And when I need one, I do one. I am constantly fighting to get into a solid workout routine, and inevitably, my motivation. I am looking forward to getting into a regular workout routine as my new job allows me to set a new schedule for myself.

// Asking Shawn about his day. I do this every day as soon as I see him. We don't text a lot during the day because we are both busy with our work, so I make a point to ask him how his day was. I want to open the door for quality dialogue-whether he's had a great day or a challenging day. I want us to be able to share details of our work lives with each other.

// A morning routine. During the week, and on most weekend days, my morning routine is exactly the same. For me, it allows me to start each day fresh, and not just because I am a person who has to shower every morning.

// Going to bed when Shawn does, even if I'm not tired. Even if I stay up later watching TV or reading. Even if I fall asleep before he does. There is just something about laying down in bed together at the end of each day to which I look forward.

// Telling my pets I love them before I leave for work each day. I know that someone has to make the bacon in order for my fur babies to live their pampered lives, but it does tug at me a bit each time I leave them home alone all day. But I make sure to tell them I love them and that I will see them that night, just so they know.

I'm sure I have plenty other anchor habits that keep me grounded as well, but this gives you an idea of what keeps me grounded in my life, the things that are constant or that I constantly come back to.

So whether it's watching a favorite TV show, eating the same breakfast every morning, carving time out for yourself at the same day each week, what keeps you grounded? What are your anchor habits?

If you want to read more about anchor habits and why you need them, I found this great article over at lifeohm.com


Anonymous said...

I definitely have a lot of anchor habits! I found them incredibly comforting when I moved from Canada to the Caribbean. Whether it's my morning coffee or my favourite tv shows, there's something about the familiar that keeps me level. ~Ree

Shybiker said...

Habits are reassuring. Their routine nature comforts us. That's a healthy benefit. Yours are smart and nice.

Micah said...

Mine are probably -- morning cup of coffee and reading (even if only for 15 minutes) before I go to sleep. The evening I use to catch up on TV varies depending on my work/social schedule for that week.

Claire | Fashion + Feathers said...

I enjoy reading about someone's routines and choices and life. These anchor habits really forced me to think about my own! Love this!

emily said...

i'm so glad i'm not the only one who tells my pet i'm leaving and that i'll be home later to see them! :)

Brianne Bracco said...

Coffee is my number anchor lol...something about getting settled in the office or relaxing on the couch on the weekends with a cup is just my thing. And we always make it a point to go to bed together. I love the pillow talk and snuggling we have in just those 15 minutes it takes us to fall asleep ;)

Because of Jackie said...

Oooh, love this! Coffee (every morning), breakfast with my kids (every morning), reading (always), working out, blogging, going to the bed at the same time as my hubby (same as you!), and telling my kids and husband I love them!

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

I have a morning routine, but I've never thought of it as an anchor..I just love that!

Kati Rose said...

Anchor habits are a very interesting concept. I've never really thought about my routines that way, but now I'm seeing them all in a new light.

Kay R. said...

Morning coffee/green tea, morning prayers and talking to my parents every day have to be my anchor habits!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Great post. Never thought about giving them a name, but I definitely have many of those, too. Things that I look forward to every morning and every evening and am inevitably really sad and disoriented if I don't get to do them for whatever busy and silly reason. Thanks for sharing xx

Janna Renee said...

This is awesome!! I have never heard of this, but I love the idea that these habits keep us grounded. Mine are about to change drastically, but I hope I can keep the ones that Will and I share to keep our marriage strong after Charlie comes and then just create new ones that include her!

P!nky said...

Great post, lady! So interesting to think of routine as anchors, I've never heard that before so this was great.

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