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Blogging since: 2007
Fun fact: My first blog almost got me fired. Four things I learned from that experience: 1. don't blog at work {or at least remove the timestamp from your footer}; 2. don't bitch about work or co-workers on your blog {no matter how stress-relieving it is for you, they don't like it}; 3. never settle for a toxic work environment; and 4. thank God for the First Amendment.
Why 'Hey Hollywood': My parents called me "Hollywood" growing up, and sometimes still do. Hey Hollywood is technically my second blog, but my fourth blog name.
Education: BAs in journalism, broadcasting and psychology from Otterbein University. M.S.Ed in Human Services from the University of Dayton.
Job: Communications manager for a large healthcare system.
Likes: All things home decor, the number 18, reading, Mexican food, traveling, red wine, bargain shopping, nights in with my best friends, {which typically includes wine and most likely singing and dancing along to Pitch Perfect}, cheese, comfy t-shirts and sweatpants, finding silver linings, PUPPIES!, spoiling my two nieces, and true crime shows, books and podcasts {even though they're creepy}.
Dislikes: Blue foods and drinks, Debbie Downers, and driving under the speed limit.

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Who's the redhead: Shawn
We met: In college our freshmen year. For three years, we hung out with the same crowd and went to the same parties before we took our friendship to the next level.
Been together since: October 8, 2005
Got married: August 8, 2009
Number of human kids: 1 daughter, Marin, born in February 2016
Number of fur kids: 3, all adopted
Fans of: Ohio State and Cleveland sports, home DIY projects, coffee with Hershey's chocolate caramel creamer, HGTV {especially Fixer Upper and Flip or Flop}, and Bath & Body Works candles.

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Name: Grady
Gender: Female
Age: 9
Likes: Eating, running across the pillows in the wee hours of the morning because she's hangry, basking in the sun, sleeping under the couch, laying on blankets being used by humans, and going outside until she realizes there's no food outside.
Dislikes: Being hungry and being cold.

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Name: Kilah
Gender and pedigree: Female, German Shepherd/Husky mix
Age: 8
Likes: Being in her room, wet food, staying inside, car rides, protecting rawhide bones from Moxyn, naps, and the dark.
Dislikes: Most people because she's extremely shy, wet paws, baths, and the chirp of a dying fire alarm.

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Name: Moxyn
Gender and pedigree: Female, Black Lab/Golden Retriever {maybe Border Collie} mix
Age: 7
Likes: Cheese, walks, car rides, laying on the deck, having the spot above her tail scratched, baths, rawhide bones, playing with her ball, being the center of attention, and naps.
Dislikes: Going outside in the rain and people ringing the doorbell.

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